For Honor Terminology

A lot of the guides we post have special language in it unique to fighting games. To make it easier to read and understand the guides here is a sort of dictionary for For Honor.

(shield) bash – a shield based attack

block – move your guard in the direction of attack to defend against all (light attack) or most (heavy attack) of the damage

charge (attacks) – abilities that employ an element of sprinting forward

dodge – move quickly in a direction to evade damage

feint/cancel – cancelling your attack to fool them into blocking/parrying in the wrong direction. Differentiated between hard cancel (using the appropriate button, standard being “e” on the PC) and soft cancel (some classes ability to cancel a slower attack with a faster one.

full block stance – shield classes’ ability to automatically block all incoming attacks (but not guardbreaks) for a limited amount of time.

dash attack – an attack that includes a quick burst of movement in one dicetion

deflect – assassins’ ability to combine doding an incoming attack with some form of counter attack

knock down – anything that throws your opponent to the floor, usually allowing for some form of free damage.

parry – matching your guard to the incoming attack and then hitting heavy attack at the right moment to push your opponent and open them for an attack or guard break

revenge (mode) – the comeback mechanism that can be activated after the bar at the bottom of the screen has been filled (by blocking, …).

stagger – putting your opponent off balance i.e. by means of a guard break, making them unable to act for a moment.

stun – often (counterintuitively) used to refer to effects that blur your vision (e.g. Raider’s light attack cancel) rather than effects that make you unable to react for a moment (see stagger)

super/hyper armor/uninterruptable – attacks with thus property will not get interrupted by taking damage (indicated by white glow on the character)

superior block – the ability to combine a block with an immediate, unavoidable counterattack (e.g. Warlord, Warden) OR ability to interrupt enemy attack chains by blocking (conquerer)

sweep – not sure there is a general meaning here – the Valkyrie’s ability to knock down opponents (“spear sweep” I think) comes to mind.

tech(-nical) – fighting game term for cancelling an opponents attack/move. Here usually used to refer to counter-guardbreaks.

throw – an ability that moves (but doesnt necessarily damage) your opponent, often referring to the guard break follow up

unblockable (attack) – attack that can not be blocked (but can be dodged and/or parried), indicated by an orange glow

Wall stun – the stagger effect that happens when someone knocks you into a wall (e.g. by means of guard break)

zone attack – pressing light and heavy attack at the same time. Attack that hits an area but costs a lot of stamina

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