Tips and Tricks

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good

Follow these steps and you WILL get much better at this game in the shortest possible time frame:

1) Play through the basic tutorial

2) Play through the advanced tutorial

3) Watch the character videos for your specific warrior (for now this is just to give you a sense of the way this character will play)

The game has been out a week. Don’t be frustrated if you haven’t reached your peak yet. It takes time to learn each hero strength and weakness.

4) Level 1 bot duel (using only skills learned in the tutorial, plus combos): DO NOT focus on beating the bot just yet….. Instead focus on one thing at a time: First, master blocking, then combos, then master parrying and so on. This means fighting bot-after-bot by only using one or two moves over and over until you can consistently land or counter that move at will. *lvl 0 bot can be very useful of learning the timing of you combos

5) Level 2 bot duel: same as step 4, but harder bot. Only once you can consistently land your/block the lvl 2 bot’s attacks, should you move on to step 6.

6) Re-watch your character’s videos

7) Repeat practicing against level 1 & then 2 bots, but this time work on your character’s specific moves, one at a time, until you’ve mastered all of that character’s basic moves.

8) By now you have a lot of variety in your combat game, it’s time to start grinding against that level 2 bot until you develop a sense of your character’s timing, along with a sense of how to counter specific enemies.

9) Go PvP (or even the level 3 bots) with a renewed sense of confidence, and grind untill you “git gud.”

Notice that the common theme to the above strategy is to LEARN ONE MOVE AT A TIME. This is how you master any skill, focusing on the “little things” until they’re perfect. I hope this method can help some people more fully enjoy this awesome game. It certainly worked for me. Good luck everyone!

Credit to Reddit user ‘mayerpotatohead’


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