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Advanced Valkyrie Tutorial

Who are the Valkyries?
The Valkyries are loyal scouts and trackers, armed with the spear and shield. Chosen by the gods, Valkyries fight with impeccable defense and quick offense to bring honor to their name. Combined with a number of disables, fighting one will have you spending more time on the ground than on your feet.Valkyries have fun in battle, embracing the challenge so that they may lead others into Valhalla.
Whether their prey want to go or not.

The Versatile Hybrid

The Valkyrie joins the Nobushi and the Lawbringer in the hybrid classification. Characterized by long weapons, complex combos, and excellent adaptability, the Valkyrie is able to handle all foes with ease. Combined with a Variety of feats, the Valkyrie is able to fill any role needed on the battlefield.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Versatile moveset
  • Quick combos
  • Large crowd control
  • Long distance gap closer
  • Chase potential
  • Great poking (heh)


  • Low damage
  • Low health pool
  • Low retreating maneuverability
  • Inability to escape (not a weakness if you ask me)
  • Complex moveset, will take practice



The Valkyrie’s moveset is one of the most versatile in For Honor. It gives you multiple options for any situation and it lets you decide how you would like to use them. Use this versatility to keep your opponents on their toes (or on the ground as you see fit) and guessing which direction they’ll get stabbed from next.

Basic Attacks

Valkyrie’s light attacks are very quick and can be used to start up combos or harass the enemy with poke damage, literally. Valkyrie has the ability to replace any ending in her chains with a spear sweep instead, sending your opponent to the ground, opening them up to more damage and the possibility for the start of a new chain for you.

Adding the option to feint that heavy attack allows you to keep your opponent always on the defensive and guessing, letting you keep up the pressure. Valkyrie’s spear sweep can also be done immediately following a throw allowing for heavy damage even when not near walls or environment. The sweep is difficult to dodge in corners, so if you have them cornered, put on the pressure and knock them down!

Lunging Top Light

This is one of the Valkyrie’s most efficient ways of getting in, however is extremely dangerous since it leaves you open to a free guard break from the enemy if you whiff or they block it. It is also her best option for chasing down opponents who like to burn some extra calories before they meet Odin. I say most efficient because it is relatively fast, starts chains, and has a long reach, but is unreliable against opponents who see it coming. It can be easily parried or even dodged and punished by smart opponents. Be very wary of spamming this ability when facing lower skilled opponents as it can quickly become habit, and in turn, your downfall.

The Bait and Switch

Valkyrie’s light attacks share a very similar property to the Warlord’s, they have superior block on the startup. Timing these attacks perfectly while your opponent is attacking can give you some free harassment.

Baiting attacks with a feint and countering with this move is a strong way to keep your opponent on the defensive and allows you to regain momentum and control of the fight (or at least reset neutral).

Shield Crush and Spear Sweep

Valkyrie’s Shield crush ability is the bread and butter of her aggression. You’ll be using this ability (along with spear sweep) VERY often, so get used to the timing of both. Shield crush comes out fast and makes up most of her mixup potential but after nerfs has a long recovery time so don’t miss. Shield crush can be performed after any heavy, hit or block, or as a feint to a heavy attack. It can be followed up by a spear sweep to leave your opponent on the ground and vulnerable to a heavy attack (the timing is tight and you may not be in range after the spear sweep so sometimes it’s best to dash light to get damage and be in their face).

After you notice that you’ve conditioned your opponent to dodge the spear sweep after, don’t spear sweep and instead guard break to catch their dash. This lets you get in a free heavy and start the mix-up all over again. Spear sweep comes out fast but is easy to dodge, so it should condition any opponent to dodge after shield crush on reaction. Spear sweep can be done off any throw, shield crush, or at the end of any of her chains (ALSO HER SPEAR IS YELLOW NOW PLS FIX). It’s guaranteed off a throw, even the fully charged forward throw and can give your throw that tiny bit of extra range in some cases to make sure they fall off the ledge and give you that sweet sweet environmental kill.

Allblock Stance

Valkyrie has an amazing defensive tool with her allblock stance. It’s ability to bait and counter incoming attacks and provide punish potential at the same time makes it one of her go-to moves for punishing aggressive opponents. The current iteration of this stance allows you to release it, making Valkyrie charge at your opponent and upon a successful hit, knock them down allowing you to start a chain or get some heavy damage in. She even holds the allblock stance while she is charging, making sure no annoying assassins try to hit you out of it. This charge can also be canceled into a lunging top light as seen above for a mix-up.

Be careful while using this though, it may be a strong asset to countering your enemy’s aggression, but it can be easily punished by dodging it or guard breaking the beginning stance. It also drains stamina so be wary of spamming it as it will leave you exhausted and vulnerable.

Dashing Block

Valkyrie has a unique ability to her kit allowing her to dash into attacks similarly to an assassin’s deflect mechanic. Whenever the Valkyrie dodges her block is automatically put in the direction she is dodging. (Forward for top, Backward mean you aren’t blocking, see what I mean about retreating?) This allows for very safe dodges of attacks, which you can then punish with her light attack out of a dodge, or a shoulder pin, applying a moderate bleed to the opponent. Be careful using her dodge attacks in neutral rather than on reaction or counter attacking, a blocked dash attack results in a free guard break on you.

Valkyrie’s shoulder pin is difficult to consistently pull off at first but once you get the timing down it becomes her most efficient way of counter attacking. The bleed damage is more than one of her heavies so it’s essential that you practice this technique and master it to always keep your opponent on the defensive.

Zone Attack

Valkyrie’s Zone Attack is very efficient for clearing minions, it has a very wide arc and hits twice making it prime for pushing B. It’s not as fast as others so it’s not as useful in a 1v1 but it can be canceled after the first hit meaning it can be used to trip up opponents who rely on animations if you haven’t used it yet. In revenge mode it will usually hit everyone around you so it can give you some much needed space in 1vX.


Tier 1:
Rush, Deadly, Bounty Hunter
At this tier I usually take Deadly as it helps to cover one of Valkyrie’s weaknesses, being damage. Rush is a movespeed buff for a short duration and Bounty Hunter is health and stamina on kill, stacked with executions, it can give you a nice amount of recovery, especially useful in 1vX scenarios. However, Feats are always personal preference and playstyle, so use what you want and what best fills your teams weaknesses.

Tier 2:
Bloodlust, Bear Trap, Juggernaut
This tier is probably your worst tier of choices, none appeal to me very much, and I seem to hop between Bloodlust and Bear Trap depending on the gamemode. Juggernaut can be useful if you’re holding the back point in Dominion and want to be prepared for 1vX situations, but you can always just trap an entrance and throw them off or what have you.

Tier 3:
Javelin, Fury, Sharpen Blade
OOOOOOH BABY, you’ve got some nice choices here. Javelin is probably the strongest of the choices here (probably a little op tbh, who are they kidding with ‘moderate’ damage?). Fury is really sweet when you want to just go beast mode, paired with revenge makes you one scary spear lady. Sharpen Blade feels a bit underwhelming with it not being a passive, it would probably be op if it were though, but the other two choices are way more fun to use so I don’t use this much.

Tier 4:
Scout, Fire Flask, Regenerate
Again, a really nice selection of feats here, it all comes down to preference. I prefer Scout as it provides a debuff to the ENTIRE enemy team, which helps me and my teammates alike. Fire Flask is a really potent zoning tool and DoT AoE bomb for those nasty 1vX fights or in Elimination when everyone is grouped. Regenerate is last on the list and it feels a bit underwhelming along with Sharpen Blade. There’s not a situation I would want Regenerate over Scout. There are plenty of other healing options in Dominion and Elimination and who has fun being out of combat? Hence, why I usually take one of the other two.

General Tips

Don’t get stuck on one pattern! The Valkyrie provides you with multiple tools for any given situation so use them, patterns and habits only give your opponent the edge and could lead to a very disappointing meeting with Odin. Keep up the aggression and don’t give your opponent an opportunity to breathe, force them onto their backs and send them on their way to Valhalla. This won’t work forever though, as the current state of the game heavily rewards defensive and patient play, so if you need to, go for parries and guaranteed damage off of spear sweep. Also, don’t be afraid to use the environment, people may call it cheese or noobish, but it’s a part of the game just as much as any chain is so use it. (Also it gives you an excuse to use that sweet sweet headbutt animation for the forward throw!)

Final Thoughts

The Valkyrie is my favorite hero in the game and the versatility she brings to a team is immeasurable. Able to fulfill any role needed allows your teammates to focus on their jobs and you can be the glue that holds things together. Nerfs hit her hard, however I will be playing her anyway and hoping to show others the versatility that is the Valkyrie. So go out, create your own combos and play style with the Valkyrie, and show the enemy what it truly means to be chosen by the gods!


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