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Conqueror Advanced Guide (Full)

Why Conqueror?


Conqueror is the one of the strongest Defensive Heroes in the game. He has the ability to punish enemies for misplays and missed attacks strongly, and a kit that allows him to disable enemies and negate almost all damage.

Conqueror primes at Holding points in Dominion, although he can also be a strong Roamer and Ganker due to Charging Shield Crush, his Running Shield Bash.


– Extremely strong at holding points.
– One of the most durable Heroes in the game.
– High Environmental Kill Potential.
– Huge disruption during Teamfights with Shield Bashes.
– Strongly punishes enemy’s misplays.
– Revenge is basically God Mode.


– Really slow Attack Speed.
– Has to play mostly reactively.
– Somewhat weak against Light Attack Spammers.
– Stamina management is an issue.


– Conqueror’s Shield is his most useful tool. You can Block both Light and Heavy attacks without taking Block Damage. He also has the unique ability to Cancel Chain-Attacks just by blocking, Staggering opponents. Against most Heroes, blocking an heavy attack will award you a free Guard Break.

– Conqueror is able to Charge his Heavy Attacks by holding the Heavy Attack button, and the attack will be used when the button is released. Note however that this will consume Stamina slowly while you’re charging. While this ability is not really useful in most situations, it can be extremely punishing for enemies who are trying to repeatedly spam Light Attacks, or always fishing for Guard Breaks.

– One of the most important things to know about Conqueror is that you need to use your environment to deal damage. Free Guard Breaks are a thing you can get, so always throw them into a wall or an obstacle (if no Environmental Kill is available) and follow up with an Heavy Attack.

– Play reactively. Unless your enemy is spamming Guard Break, in which case you should punish him by Counter Guard Breaking, always wait for your enemy to attack first. When they do, punish them with GB into Heavy.

– Timing is extremely important. After you Throw someone, half a second can be the time it takes for the enemy to recover and be able to block, since your Heavies are so slow. Always use your moves as soon as the last one is finished. This requires practice, but is extremely rewarding.

– Never use Light Attacks unless it’s to finish someone of, or to catch someone off-guard. Currently, getting your Light Attacks blocked will award you enemy a free Guard Break, so they really aren’t worth it. Ubisoft already stated that this will be changed. Until then, refrain from using them.

– Getting outnumbered is in your favor. Conqueror is extremely strong with Revenge, and can generate it pretty fast in outnumbered fights by blocking. When in revenge mode, play offensively while your Shield is up, but don’t play recklessly. This will get you killed.


This page is about the Skills and Mechanics you need to learn (and some, master) to be able to play Conqueror effectively.

– Blocking. Conqueror’s bread and butter. Blocking is probably the easiest mechanic to learn, but it gets increasingly harder the more enemies you’re up against. It requires you to react quickly, mainly while against multiple enemies, or against players who Feint extensively. External Blocking is extremely important while outnumbered, since it’s your main Revenge generator, and also your Healing source with “Heal on Block” Feat.

– Counter Guard Breaking. This is also an extremely important Skill. One of the Conqueror’s greatest Weaknesses is getting Guard Broken, and you need to consistently be able to counter this. Pressing your Guard Break key in the right timing requires practice, but you won’t be effective if you can’t do it properly.

– Evading. This wasn’t a required Skill during BETA, but with the addition of Shugoki, Lawbringer and Valkyrie it has become a need to. The new Heroes have many Unblockable Disrupts which can’t be blocked or parried. You don’t need to know how to evade extensively, only to dodge certain abilities. It requires practice to dodge some of them, but it’ll allow you free Guard Breaks that are extremely punishing.
These are:
Warden’s Shoulder Bash
Conqueror’s Running Shield Bash & Shield Bash
Lawbringer’s Shove & Long Arm (overhead throw)
Raider’s Running Charge
Warlord’s Headbutt
Valkyrie’s Multiple Shield Bashes & Spear Sweep
Shugoki’s Charge & Hug (Demon’s Embrace)

– Parrying. Evade can replace Parrying, but parrying is more Rewarding in most situations since it drains your enemy’s stamina. You don’t need to parry everything that’s thrown at you. All you need to parry are the Unblockable Attacks from Raider, Shugoki, Lawbringer and Kensei. These aren’t too hard to do, as they usually are extremely slow and/or always come from the same side.
Raider’s Zone Attack – Always from the left and really slow.
Shugoki’s Charged Heavies – They can come from any direction but are EXTREMELY slow, so it’s a easy parry.
Lawbringer – His heavy is in the end of his chain. You shouldn’t see it too much, since you should be blocking the other two hits.
Kensei – It’s either in the end of his Chain, or after a GB. It’s always Overhead. You might need to learn how to parry this one from animation (without UI) since his GB stuns you.


– First of all – THE combo.
Block/Parry > Guard Break > Throw to Wall/Obstacle > Heavy > Shield Bash > Heavy

Shield Bash into Double Heavy Mixup. See here.

This is the combo you should be utilizing most of the time, while there are no environmental kills to be made, and you’re in a 1v1. Enemies are able to dodge the Shield Bash, but many don’t know that. If your Shield Bash hits, you can go for another one after the heavy, and chain the Bolded combo until you’re out of Stamina.
If the enemy dodges it, chances are that your Heavy is still going to hit, since it’s a Horizontal Swipe. This takes me to my second point.

– Try to defend on a zone where you can get environmental Kills. This is situational. This depends on the enemy team composition. This is something you have to build for, and be ready for. It’s extremely important that you know how to Counter GB, since your enemies will be fishing as much as you. The fact that you can Block Heavies into GB comes at play here, and you should play defensively. Don’t get baited, and don’t get charged at. Block then GB then throw. It’s that simple, all you have to do is play it smart.

– Always try to use your Heavies from one of the sides. Your heavy attacks are Swipes basically to everything in front of you. They are slow, which is a disadvantage, but you can bank on it. If you played it well, your enemy should be against a wall before the Shield Bash. What this means is that if he’s good he’s going to be forced to dodge sideways. This means that your heavy, slow as it is, will possibly hit your enemy if you use it correctly. You have to try and predict to which side the enemy is going to dodge, and use your Heavy to that side. Since it’s slow, it’ll probably only reach the enemy after the dodge.
This is also extremely useful against multiple enemies, since you’ll be able to hit pretty much everything in front of you. While in Revenge Mode, this is probably ⅓ of HP to everyone hit.

– When in Revenge Mode your Shield Bashes and Guard Breaks throw enemies to the ground. Bank on this. As I said in the basics, play offensively (if it’s not going to get you killed) while your Shield is up during Revenge. People will be focused on attacking you mindlessly, so pick one, Shield Bash him and punish him. If you have low enough Throw Distance (and in certain terrains) your Throws will allow you to hit the enemy twice when you do this. Once while he’s being thrown back, and another one when he’s trying to get up. This is basically 80% HP of someone.

– When outnumbering someone Shield Bash is the way. When you’re in a 2v1 or 3v1 against someone, he’s probably going to get revenge. While in Revenge mode, people get Hyper Armor against attacks, not getting Staggered by them. They do not, however, get Hyper Armor against Bashes and shoves. You should always do one of two things against revenged enemies. First is move away, run and use the Running Shield Bash. This will throw them on the ground, giving a free hit per hero attacking them. The second one is spamming your Shield Bash > Heavy combo. If the enemy is up against a wall, doing this will stagger them for more time than it would throwing them to the ground, or even Guard Breaking them.

– Your Charged Attacks are not Useless. Conqueror has the ability to Charge his Heavy Attacks, as you should know. This isn’t always useful, but has it’s moments. I’ve seen Conquerors never using this, and I’ve seen Conquerors doing it all the time. You should never do either. Charging your Heavies is a highly situational tool, that you should use in specific situations and against specific Heroes. When playing against Players that spam Light Attacks, you should charge your Heavies. If they get too close, they’re probably going for a GB. It’s your chance to release the Heavy and punish them for that. If they’re going to attack, release the Heavy in the Parry Window. Conqueror has Superior Blocking, meaning that he can use his Charged Heavies on the Parry Window, Blocking the incoming attack and Attacking at the same time.

– You don’t always have to defend a point. If your team has a Lawbringer of a Warlord playing defensively, you don’t have to dispute that spot. Conqueror is an extremely good ganker with his running Shield Dash + the ability to Stagger enemies while they’re revenged, so use that.
He’s also extremely strong at denying enemy points. Since you can hold enemy Points in 1v3s, you can just rush the point near the enemy base and play defensively just to deny those +1 & +2s from them. Don’t be afraid to run away if outmatched, and don’t be afraid to attack when Revenged. Your role there is to stay alive, do whatever it takes.


Level 1 Feats

Speed Revive – Rapidly revives fallen teammates.
This should be your go-to if you are playing defensively. None of the others offer significant boosts to your gameplay, and this one is extremely helpful when Breaking and when Team Fighting.

Conqueror – Capture Control Zones faster & Boosts last longer.
Not as useful as it seems. You usually capture a Control Zone in the beginning and hold it for the rest of the map, so it provides low to no boost at all.

Body Count – Killing Soldiers grants you Health & Stamina.
If you’re playing as a Ganker, this is your go-to. Most fights happen for Mid-Lane, and you can push pretty easily with this Feat after you win.

Level 2 Feats

Juggernaut – [Active] You’re slowed and gain high damage reduction.
This is a strong Feat, but overall people will play around it. You can’t basically move while it’s active, and although you’re nearly immortal, the option (Shield Basher) is way better.

Shield Basher – Shield based Attacks now deal damage.
This is without a doubt the strongest one in this tier. What it doesn’t say is that your Throw after GB also deals damage. Most of your combos are chained through Shield Bashes, and even your Ganking capabilities are based around it. No matter what your playstyle, you should always take this one.

Fiat Lux – [Active] Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds.
Not really a good Feat. It’s nice for assassins to throw your enemies off guard, but as a tank there’s no reason you should take this over the options.

Level 3 Feats

Punch Through – Deal Damage on Blocked Attacks
This is a strong Feat, mainly if you’re playing as a Ganker, but it’s totally overshadowed by one of the options, Heal on Block. That Feat is what makes Conqueror a God, and the only reason this Feat shouldn’t be used.

Pugno Mortis – [Active] Throw an explosive that deals moderate damage in an area.
Basically the same problem as Fiat Lux. It’s an assassin’s Feat, and it doesn’t see much use. Also, it’s totally overshadowed by the other two.

Heal on Block – Blocking regenerates your health.
This Feat is basically what makes the Conqueror the Unkillable machine he is. Once you reach Lv3 you can fight 1v4 and win, even without environmental kills, simply because when you pop revenge, all the health you lost you can recover with this Feat.

Level 4 Feats

Uninterruptible – [Active] Your actions can’t be interrupted for a short duration.
At first this looks like a neat Feat. The thing is, it isn’t. You’re slow, you don’t deal that much damage, and this feat is basically a way to get you killed. It doesn’t mitigate damage, so if you go full ham you’re just going to get murdered.

Regenerate – Regenerate your Health while outside of combat.
The usual Conqueror gameplay is standing on a point defending. This means you’re either in combat, or in a zone where you can heal, making this Feat useless. If you’re playing as a ganker, you might want to take this, depending on your build (if full Feat Cooldown up or not).

Catapult – [Active] – Call a Catapult Strike to deal massive Damage over an Area.
This Feat is godly. With your normal build, you’re probably only going to get 1-2 Catapults during the game, but it’s basically a one-shot if it hits. This Feat may be overtuned, since it’s impossible for slower Heroes to move the area when you call it.


Currently I have two builds I’m using. One is based on Holding points like Overwatch’s C with lots of environmental Kills, while the second one is a unkillable Juggernaut based on revenge.

The Thrower

This build is simple. Made for maximum Stamina and Throw distance, while having Revenge wherever possible.

Arms – Stamina Regen as Main Stat, and Revive Speed as Secondary.
Since Conqueror is Immune to Block Damage, getting Block Damage Reduction will amount to nothing.

Chest – This is optional, really. I’m running Sprint Speed as Main & Execution Health regen as secondary, but if you play more offensively Block Damage is good too.

Helm – Revenge Mode Duration main Stat, with Exhaustion Recovery as secondary.
Since you’re going to fish for GBs, you don’t want to get out of Stamina. Duration is nice for that 1v3 where people spam GB and you attack them for it.

Shield – Throw distance main stat, revenge mode attack secondary.
You’re not going to get that many fights where people actually attack you. If you do, it’s going to be you blocking. Revenge on Injury is not a good stat for a Throw Build.

Handle – Revenge gained by defense as main stat, Revenge mode defense as secondary.
The only feat with Cooldown I regularly use is Catapult, so the stats are way better than Feat CDR.

Head – Attack main Stat, Defense secondary.
I’ve tried all the stat mixups here. This is the one that works better for me, since people start doing more mistakes the lower their HP. I can’t chain Shield Bashes for long, but at Prestige 4 people don’t fall for that either, so Stamina Cost Reduction doesn’t help much.

The Revenge Killer

This build is based on Revenge. You want to get revenge as soon as possible, and be revenged most of the time.

Arms – Stamina Regen as Main Stat, and Revive Speed as Secondary.
Since Conqueror is Immune to Block Damage, getting Block Damage Reduction will amount to nothing.

Chest – Block Damage as main stat and Sprint Speed as secondary.
This build is made to contest enemy points while outnumbered. This means you’re going to revenge. Block Damage helps you get chip damage while revenged, while Sprint Speed helps you if you have to disengage. You’re not going to execute people while outnumbered, so that would be useless here.

Helm – Revenge Mode Duration main Stat, with Exhaustion Recovery as secondary.
Revenge Mode Duration should always be your main Stat, but your secondary is optional. Exhaustion Recovery works well against heroes spamming Stuns (Looking at you, Raider), but Debuff Resistance is overall more useful against Feats & Bleeds.

Shield – Revenge Gained by Injury as main stat, Revenge Mode Attack as secondary.
If you’re up against 4 people, odds are you’re not going to be blocking everything that’s thrown at you. This helps getting revenge faster, so you can Shield yourself with revenge.

Handle – Revenge gained by defense as main stat, Revenge mode defense as secondary.
The only feat with Cooldown I regularly use is Catapult, so the stats are way better than Feat CDR.

Head – Attack main Stat, Defense secondary.
Since you’re going to be in Revenge Mode most of the times, Stamina isn’t really an issue. What you want is to stay alive longer, and deal as much damage as possible.



Difficulty: 9/10

Everyone’s worst enemy. She’s considerably stronger than you, and is going to punish your mistakes heavily. Keep your guard up for the near-instant overhead lights, while looking out for the nearly-instant zone attacks.
When she goes for the shoulder charge, punish her. Dodge sideways and heavy. If she goes for the GB instead of the charge, your heavy should stop it. If she keeps the charge, she’s going to get hit anyway.
Try to GB into the usual combo. If she’s bad you’ll chunk half of her HP.
Never attack Overhead since she can counter, and watch out for parries.
If you are outmatched, don’t be afraid of playing defensive until help arrives (from either side).


Difficulty: ??/10

This is a skill matchup. You’re playing against yourself. Don’t charge attacks, that’s the worst you can do against another conqueror. Bank on his errors. If he’s turtling, go for GBs and see what he does. If he tries to Shield Bash you, dodge into GB. Take care with revenge, since he can get it in a 1v1 if he’s playing defensively.


Difficulty: 5-8/10

If she goes for Evade into Attack just make sure to match her guard. You have a free GB after you block it. If that’s her playstyle, it should be an easy fight for you.
If she’s spamming Light Attacks, things get harder. Charge your Heavy and punish her when she attacks or gets too close. If she’s keeping her distance, remember to not let your stamina run out.
You can also wait for her stamina to go out and fish for a GB, but she’s probably going to evade infinitely, so not recommended.


Difficulty: 5/10

This is a tank fight. Whoever outlasts the other wins. He’s probably going for his Unblockables, so make sure to dodge and GB him when he does. His swings are slow, just look out for his overhead light that’s nearly instant. To be honest, most times you’re just going to either fish for a GB, or you’ll see the fight last until someone else arrives.
Lawbringer’s main engaging ability is the Running Implale. Always get into combat stance when he’s running to you. Block left, that attack is always left. Guard Break him, and punish him.


Difficulty: 2/10

He’s a Raider, Legendary.
Don’t get baited into his Charged Grab, and you should be fine. He’s really slow, and aside from GBs he shouldn’t pose much of a threat. When he sees you block his everything, he’s probably going for the Unblockable Zone Attack. It’s really easy to see (and hear) when he does, and it always comes from the left. This is it, your time to let your parry shine. He’ll probably get low on stamina, so just go offensively and the fight should be yours.


Difficulty: ??/10

This is a skill matchup. He’s basically you, but bigger and with a ugly round shield. While you deal more damage, he has more chances to bank on your mistakes, so be careful. His throw is also longer than yours, so don’t fight him on a ledge, or take care when you do.
You have to react fast to the headbutts. If you do, you can get a free GB and turn the fight. His overhead jump is super slow and gives you a Free GB, so if he goes for it, use that.


Difficulty: 2/10

Berzerkers tend to be “trigger-happy”, always spamming moves. Thing is, you cancel chains with blocks. This means that everything you block is basically a free GB. Beware of the dodge attacks and you should be fine. Just match his guard and play reactively. He shouldn’t land you any hits, but be sure that if he does, they’re going to hurt.


Difficulty: 4/10

Valkyries have a ton of Unblockables, Mobility, and way to catch you off-guard. Their problem is that their damage isn’t something that you need to be really concerned about. If you were to trade hits, yours probably deal twice as much as hers.
Simply put, play defensively. If you have an opening to attack while she’s doing it, take it. Dodge her unblockables, and you should have this fight in your hands.


Difficulty: 8/10

He has some of the strongest Light Attacks in the game. If he knows how to play against you, you’re probably going to have problems. He is mobile, he has a really fast overhead dash, and his GBs stun you, forcing you to block without UI.
On the other hand, if he tries to use Heavies the fight is yours. If he tries to use Zone Attacks, the fight is yours.
If he’s going mostly for lights, play as you would against an assassin. Charge your heavies. He’s going to stay at his range, not yours. Your Charged heavies make you lunge forward slightly, so catch him off-guard. This is probably only going to work once.


Difficulty: 3/10

He’s basically a Raider, but with a dangerous Grab Attack. Never turn your back to a ledge, that GB Throw sends you a mile away from where you were, so you should be careful with that. Dodge his unblockables and you should be fine.
Don’t try to trade heavies with him, since he has hyper armor and will hurt you more than you hurt him. His heavies are slow, block or parry (if Unblockable) them and GB him.


Difficulty: 5-8/10

Orochis come in two flavours. They’re either really good, or really bad. Depending on what you’re fighting against, you may or may not have problems.
A good Orochi will use his Lights to keep you on your toes, switching direction every time he attacks. GBs won’t work on his lights, and since he’s always attacking from different directions, unless you have perfect guard you won’t be able to charge your heavies properly. This is where skill is implied. You should charge your heavies, since a single hit accounts to two of his. Try not getting hit, and you win the trade.
When he dashes back, he’s going to attack left. Don’t match his guard right away. Bait him into thinking you’re not guarding, and then bank on it.


Difficulty: 7/10

A good nobushi will always keep moving away from you, but you can move while blocking. Just keep pressuring her into making mistakes, and when you Block while in range, GB her.
This is going to be a long fight (unless you take a lot of damage, in which case it’s not), just don’t let your guard down and bank on her mistakes. She’s squishy, but can also melt through your HP pretty fast if you’re not careful, and she won’t allow you to disengage if you’re outmatched. Don’t be afraid to play defensively and wait for help.


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  1. You don’t seem to mention the Attack and Defense stats on your gear builds. Should I worry much about these in my gear choices, or are they relatively insignificant?


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