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Basics of all fighting games

Credit to Reddit user Laamanos

A very basic thing that a lot of people seems to forgot, is predicting opponent’s moves. If you’re used to fighting games, then you probably know what I’m going to say and this post won’t be very useful but we never know.


If you’re not, then let me explain, actually you probably already know it but aren’t applicating it. It’s called reads. The definition of a read is
“Reading is when you understand your opponents playstyle and patterns so that you have a better idea of being able to guess what your opponent is going to do next. ”
You probably already did it atleast once in this game. Feels good right ? Well, I realised that in this game, very few people actually try to analyse their opponent playstyle and instead concentrate on THEIRS, and thus even experienced players forgot one of the most important thing in fighting games ( I don’t know if we can call this game a fighting game but fuck it ).

While you obviously need to pay attention to what you’re doing, it is also very easy to obverse your opponent behavior ; like what he approaches with, what he does after each moves etc…
So I’ll give you a tip with an exemple, the most easy predictions are attacks follow up. They are usually “progammed”, players all have habits, but this is by far the most noticable one.
Some hours ago, I was getting my ass handed against a yarl, it was 0 – 2. After I finished analysing his playstyle, I pretty much knew every move he was going for, much like an AI. Literally an AI, his first attack was almost always a right light, then a left light and then right light ; he then went for a GB or a top heavy followed by a left heavy. And that pretty much everytime. Every player has their habits, and the most effective way to beat an opponent is knowing their habits. While I can’t give you concrete tips about reads, just remeber to analyse people’s playstyle. You may find this hard, but as I said the easiest reads are attacks follow up, people have VERY, VERY, VERY predictable behaviors while comboing, they go for almost always the same directions.
The same goes for defense, some people will try counter your heavies by dodging to the side and counter attacking, some other people may parry more. So if you see like a berserker for exemple dodging a lot. Then instead of going for the same thing over and over again, you can BAIT your opponent by faking your usual behavior, so feinting your heavy attack to make them dodge.

Baits are a form of reads, it is done by condionning your opponent of doing an action then punishing them. The most common form of baits are feints.
You can even read baits, even feints tends to be predictable. Players usually do their feints at a very specific timing, and repeat as much as they can without even noticing that they are being predictable.

This might sound simple and all, and it is, however it’s hard to think to do it. Remember this works against YOU too, so be unpredictable.

Tl ; dr Remember to observe your opponent’s behavior, patterns and punishing them accordingly.

A lot of people also said that since every attacks in this game is slow enough to be parried on reaction, reads are not worth, that’s true but only to a certain point. Here’s what was one of my replies :
“When I’m talking about reads, I guess it’s more a mix of reflexes and reads, or try to read to avoid feints and baits. Effectively, you don’t need to read your opponent since all of the moves in the game are slow enough to react to them. However I think it’s still very useful for the GB, to counter feints, and also avoid getting more combo’ed. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it quiet hard to try to parry without knowing the direction of the attack, but when I’m used to people’s pattern, and I start anticipating them ; then I am able to parry pretty much everytime.

It’s obviously not the thing to always do, but for me you need to atleast have an idea of what is going to come out next. The best exemple of it are feints, since reacting to them will get you fucked, making you react to them is the whole point. I don’t know what’s your level, but the higher I go, the more people will start feinting like motherfuckers. I faced a vanguard last day and he did like 1 or 2 feints before attaking, then atleast 1 during the combo.

I guess it really depends of people, some might fuck up a tech when expecting a GB, while some ( like me ) will succeed a lot more when expecting it.”

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