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Ubisoft Patches Join in Progress

From Ubisoft on r/reddit

Today (Feb 24th) we have enabled a change via a seamless maintenance which will improve the experience for players joining a match in progress in 4v4 modes. We are reducing the window of time that a player can be placed into an in-progress match, so the likelihood of being put into a match that’s almost over will be greatly reduced. This, in turn, should reduce the number of players dropping before a match ends.

Details below.

Dominion: -Join In Progress time reduced from 4 minutes to 2 minutes. (IE you cannot be placed into a match that’s already beyond the first two minutes of play.)

Deathmatch: – Join in Progress time reduced from 4 minutes to 1 minute.

Please let us know if you this improves your experience, as we continue to work hard on addressing connectivity issues players are running into. We are very aware that connectivity in general is a very big topic here and you should know it is truly our top priority on the development team. There are a lot of different topics rolled into “connectivity”, such as Matchmaking, NAT, Grouping, Stability, Join in progress, and more, each of which needs consideration when talking about the overall connectivity experience.

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